beginning again

I have sprouts! I came home from Seattle to signs of new life in my garden. I think the key to growing anything from scratch must be staying out of the way. Remove clutter (in the case of my garden that meant digging up a foot – or several hundred pounds- of gravel), replace with healthy soil, add the only things the seeds really need, and stay out of the way. Aisles and aisles of fertilizers, pesticides, and the endless additives really aren’t necessary. The oldies- dirt, sunlight, and water- really are enough. The seeds know what to do. Let the metaphors flow.

I promise to post pictures of Seattle and regale you with thrilling stories of the wild Pacific Northwest- well, half of that statement is true- as soon as I have them in my possession. I ate such incredible food and drank so many Washington wines. At best, I indulged. At worst, I flirted with gluttony. Either way, my taste buds partied for 3 days solid and my hips were none the worse for it, considering the miles and miles and miles of hilly Seattle streets I climbed. My first lunch was Beecher’s macaroni and cheese, the one meal that I could not leave Seattle without eating. That was immediately followed by wine tasting at a little joint I always visit when I’m there, The Tasting Room. These guys only carry Washington wines, and only from 7 of the several hundred vineyards in the state. Seriously tasty vino. Always a treat to visit with the folks there. I’ll post pictures from the Museum of Glass, my first experience with octopus, Macrina Bakery, and other adventures soon. It was a wonderful trip, and I think I’ve had my fill of Seattle for a while. At least until it stops raining.

Maybe it’s because I spent several days in the misty rain and came home to sunshine, maybe it’s because of the baby veggie sprouts, but I sense a real chapter changing in my life. This year is already full of firsts and beginnings, and coming home from this trip really felt like the start of something new. I can’t put my finger on it just yet, but something’s afoot. I’ll keep you guys posted on that one.

Also, I started reading Tina Fey’s Bossypants yesterday and you should, too.

2 Comments on “beginning again”

  1. A co-worker told me years ago, I was probably your age, that you can grow a fifty cent plant in a $5 hole. I forget that sometimes (in many areas) and try to skimp on the digging, prepping and such. Glad I remembered that today. Glad your sprouts are, well, sprouting.

  2. Ha! Yeah, I thought this whole process would be so expensive bc of all the things I apparently would “need”, but it’s not that complicated at all. We’ll see if the sprouts actually turn into anything edible 🙂

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