holy hooligan

For the first year of my working life, my primary source of income has been W-2. I was 1099 for years and always owed huge chunks of money to the IRS come April. This year, I was certain, would be my year for a refund. I have about $450 of extra bills to pay this month, so I was literally banking on a refund. No such luck. I actually owed about $600. I wrote the check for money that does not yet exist and sent it off. It was postmarked yesterday. Today, I checked the mail and found what looked to be a bill from Chase Home Mortgage. I resentfully tore into it and found this printed at the top of the letter, “Your Escrow Analysis Statement indicates a surplus in your escrow account. Enclosed in the check representing the total escrow surplus.” Sure enough, it was a check. For how much, you say? $644.30.

I am no saint. I curse when I’m agitated (and sometimes when I’m not), I have moments of sheer laziness, and have been known to give in to the “desires of the flesh”, if you will. My financial plan is cute, but not fail safe. My God’s plan, however, is solid. He provides for His people. Period. Even the ones like me who screw it up fairly regularly. Pay your tithe, folks. In all my failures, that is one thing I don’t mess around with. Sometimes I forget my checkbook and don’t pay one week, but I find a way to give that money to someone who needs it. Be generous with God and with the people around you. He notices. He knows what you need and when you need it and He WILL show up for you. If He’s still showing up for me, there’s plenty of room for you, too.

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