girls’ night

Of all the pages turning in my life right now, I think the one I’m most excited about and proud of is this incredible group of women I’ve found in Nashville. Over the last several weeks I’ve discovered a trend in the mid twenties female demographic: this is a time of change and upheaval and evolving of relationships as friends get married, have babies, start careers, and we all keep walking this journey of self discovery. What kept coming out in my conversations with lots of these women is that we’re all feeling a little disconnected, isolated even, from one another. In a city like Nashville, that’s becoming more and more a transplant city for young professionals, lots of us are starting from scratch when it comes to relationships with other women. It seemed like there ought to be a way to get all of these women in the same room. After putting some Facebook feelers out and friends creating a little buzz, I met up with an incredibly unexpected and truly spectacular group of girls last night. Several girls that I invited sent the invitation to friends of theirs, and we ended up with 10 girls who each only knew 1 or 2 people at the start of the night, but left with new friends. I will admit, I felt completely out of my league on my way out there. “What in the world are all of these people who don’t know each other and some that I don’t even know going to talk about all night? Should I give some kind of introductory speech? What exactly do I expect out of this? Am I crazy for doing this?!” But you know what, people who make an effort to go to dinner with perfect strangers just for the sake of meeting new people need very little encouragement to enjoy one another. It was so great! We had writers, a teacher, actors, a nurse, PR executives, and every last one of them was interesting, smart, and clever to boot. It felt like a little bit of heaven to talk with other women who live to create and learn and travel. I am so excited about these people. We’re already talking about our next meeting and I know we’ll have even more girls come out for that.

Do things on purpose. Finish what you start. Follow through. I’m learning that when you do, people show up! I’m so excited about this. If you’re a Nashville twenty/thirty something, find me on Facebook and get involved with this group. I know it’s going to become a very solid community of smart, ass kicking, globe trotting women. Sounds like heaven!


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