Deep red in the center fades to a soft purple around the edges. Smells like blackberry, plum, black pepper, and vanilla. Soft tannins, silky smooth, dry, medium body with intense flavors at finish. Very drinkable.

This is what I wrote about the 2008 Chilean Carmenere by Root 1. After smelling, tasting, and making notes I looked up information about this wine from the vineyard and I was right on! I made myself nervous over-thinking the smells and trying to identify the nose and palette of this wine, but it’s not that tricky. I’m working my way through Wine for Dummies, treating myself to a total wine self education. I tell you what, this stuff is seriously fun. It’s the most delicious game I’ve ever played. Smell it, taste it, write down what you think. There’s really no wrong answer, I suppose. What I’m learning is that every nose and mouth will taste a wine differently, and if you smell and taste it it’s probably there.

I love the art and science and craft of wine. I’m looking at 5 bottles on my counter that I get to study and enjoy over the next couple of weeks. I’ll keep writing about these wines and let you know how the research goes1

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