on twitter

One way to know I thrive on dialogue and feedback? I hate Twitter. I keep flirting with it because I’m told it’s an excellent way to engage and connect with people, but I do not get this thing. I do not feel engaged or connected with at all. I feel like I’m talking to no one in particular, but everyone in the world at the same time. That kind of anonymity makes me anxious. I felt that walking down the streets of NYC one time: like I was part of something huge, but completely insignificant of myself. It’s that “If I wasn’t at the party, would anyone notice?” feeling. As a closeted introvert I suspect I should relish the sense of invisibility, but not on Twitter. I want comments, dammit. I am, after all, also a stage actor and professional communicator. I thrive on the give and take. For me, Twitter is all take and no give. Help me out, Twitterverse. I’m a pretty confident and assertive gal, but I do require a certain amount of tat for all the tit I’m dishing out. Ahem.

Also, I struggle with the 140 character limit. Last time Twitter cut my tweet short, I took it personally. I’m a storyteller, Twitter. Let me tell.

One major win for Twitter? Comedians. Following @prodigalsam and @rainnwilson has been the true silver lining of this foray back into Twitterland. Hours of fun.

This may be another short-lived hookup with the little blue bird. My mother encouraged me to look at it as a creative challenge. Meh. Maybe. I think a book might be more my style.

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